Employee Profiles

It takes a rare level of commitment to take on the unknown. To have the confidence to go in a new direction to address the unmet medical needs of patients around the world. That’s all in a days’s work here at Shire. And we want the world to know.

rare extra ordinary talent

I currently manage the compliance program within the Materials Management department. We are responsible for planning, procurement, and delivering all raw materials to support Manufacturing. My job is to ensure we are in compliance with regulatory requirements put forth by agencies such as the FDA. I joined Shire because they were looking for experienced leaders and they decided to pursue recently separated veterans who had a track record of success in leading teams and making an impact.

Terry M.
Program Management Lead

Being a rare disease champion means keeping the patients in focus while thinking outside the box.

Christoph H.
Global Program Management Lead, Hematology

There is no ‘most meaningful’ part of working at Shire – everyone´s contribution is of highest importance. The quality of our products depends on the input from each individual person working at Shire.

Charlotte Wagner
Charlotte W.
Manager, Validation

I am passionate about working with subject matter experts across Shire in developing positions that best serve rare disease patients, and with that, shaping the research and development landscape.

Madeline B.
Manager, Leadership & Org. Dev.

The most meaningful part of working at Shire is the opportunity to make an impact on quality of life for patients with rare diseases.

Mary Ellen L.
Clinical Project Manager

What’s most meaningful to me is that we are focused on developing therapies for individuals who may have limited or no treatment options. Having a focus on rare disease and areas with large unmet need makes the work I do fulfilling and meaningful.

Michael L.
Associate Director of Alliance Management Lead

Collaborating with such an extensive circle of talent makes every day at Shire a new learning opportunity. Over nearly 6 years, learning at Shire has been a tremendous privilege.

Mladen B.
Head, Regulatory Policy/ Intelligence

The most meaningful part of working at Shire is knowing that everything we do here is improving the lives of our patients.

Tomorrow J.
Project Management Associate

Being a rare disease champion means pursuing innovative therapies for those who have none.

Amy P.
High Potential and Executive Development Practices Lead