Growing Your Career

At Shire, how we do our work is just as important as what we do. With this in mind, we model our development practices around this philosophy. We strive for our employees to embrace and model our leadership behaviors – to be positive, accountable, results driven, and be an excellent manager of self and others. These behavioral expectations are embedded into our people practices to ensure we’re selecting, developing, rewarding, and managing performance in a way that reinforces a high performing culture.

Shire’s approach to development is influenced by the 70-20-10 model. This emphasizes the value of on-the-job experiences (70%), supplemented by a blend of informal coaching and mentoring (20%), and more formal training or education (10%). Shire employees own their development, in partnership with their manager and seek opportunities to constantly learn, grow and contribute to the organization.

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Reaching Your Full Potential

Our goal is to have an internal pipeline of talent ready as new opportunities become available across our organization. Not only because this provides our team with opportunities to grow their skills and career, but because we believe it drives organizational success. To achieve this, we regularly assess our talent to understand their unique skills, capabilities and career interests. For those identified as top performers, critical experts and individuals with high potential, we provide further attention to help them develop the capabilities necessary to grow to the next level in their career. Our succession and development planning processes help prepare leaders for future growth opportunities, so when the time comes, they are well equipped to take the next step in their career with Shire.

Supporting Learning and Development

As a leader in the biotechnology industry and a champion of patients with Rare Diseases, we foster an environment of continuous learning and development at Shire. Making our people a top priority enables Shire to make our patients a top priority.

  •  We foster a robust learning culture offering practical, relevant, diverse and flexible learning solutions to meet the diverse needs of our global community and positively impact business results.
  •  On demand offerings, webinars, virtual learning, in person programs and online tools and resources are designed to accelerate the development of all employees with emphasis on leaders.
  •  We are committed to developing Shire’s talent by designing, developing and delivering professional and leadership development solutions which enable the organization and our employees to do their best work and achieve their full potential. Our learning and development offerings are integrated with our New Employee Onboarding, Performance Management and Talent processes.

Our compliance training ensures that all our employees understand relevant laws, policies and regulations specific to the country in which they operate, as well as those that transcend national boundaries. We also conduct mandatory training on our Code of Ethics which clearly articulates our ethical expectations and principles upon which our business operates.

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